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Professional Moving Solutions

by Dori
Review Submitted:09/20/2010
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liars and decievers
From Indiana to Louisiana
Pick-up was:never
Delivery was:never
Transport type:open
lying stealing company They agreed to pick up a car. We said in was inoperable and they said that would cost more and we agreed on a price and sent a 200 dollar desposit. The day for delivery came and went as did a few more days and still no car. When we clicked on the job number the page was no longer avaliable. We finally called and they said they couldn't find a driver after all. He offered a refund, but said he would look for somebody over the weekend in case we couldn't find anybody else. We found somebody else and called the next day, which was Saturday, and left a message to say he didn't need to look any more and we wanted the refund. We thought they would be glad we found somebody since they were acting like they didn't want to deal with the inoperable car. However they are refusing to refund the 200 dollar desposit. How can they justify keeping it when they are the ones who backed out on the deal and didn't even tell us? They just left us waiting and wondering and there were problems. Either the company is disorganized or full of lying thiefs. I've come across similiar stories online about their keeping the deposit and not doing the job. I guess it just depends on rather or not they find a driver, but apparently they feel no obligation to actually get the job down or refund if they can't. Their insurance deal is funny too. On the phone he said they said they had full coverage, but in the emails it says you better have your own insurance on the car already.