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Professional Moving Solutions

by Kenneth Chang
Review Submitted:05/20/2010
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Professional moving systems are thieves
From California to Michigan
Pick-up was:late
Delivery was:late
Transport type:open
Very dissatisfied with professional moving systems. They quote you a price that is too low so they never find a transport for that price. So basically they are lying when they quote you. First they said they would pick up my car in 2 days. 2 days turned into 3 days, turned in to 4 days. Then no response. This is after I had already paid a 200 dollar deposit.Reality is they couldnt find a transport so they are just stringing you along. They finally found a transport a week later and they wanted to charge me an extra 100 dollars. So basically I had to rent a car for an extra 2 weeks at 50 dollars a day. On top of that the contract from Professional Moving Solutions states that I'm allowed to put 100lbs of stuff in my car. When the transport showed up he said its against regulations to put stuff in my car so I had to unload my car. What ever was left that I could put in the car I was charged an additional 100 dollars. A legit transport will not charge you a deposit. I suggest people do an online review search of their transport company before they commit to them. This is probably one of the worst experiences in my life and cost me alot of extra money